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Hospitality is so much more to us than service, it’s a feeling and its woven into everything we do. From the moment we first dreamt up opening a restaurant, we knew the music had to be part of the hospitality experience we were creating. Each of our spaces has a curated music collection that’s a signature component of the dining experience. 

When we first opened Charlie Bird in 2013, music and musical greats were our inspiration. From the roots of jazz, hip hop and art on New York's city streets to a friendship we developed with the late photographer Ricky Powell, we found a way to work our passion for NYC and 90s hip hop in a way that hadn’t been done before in a restaurant. Definitely not in a restaurant serving great food and wine. We played the music loud and proud. And eventually, got a little less scrappy and started working with the talented Charlie Reyes, an OG Charlie Bird employee and founder of Audio Culture LLC, a music curation service. Ever since then, we've been working with Charlie to develop a strong music lineup for all of our restaurants. 

We offer our signature playlists for everyone to enjoy. Click on the links below to listen.

Charlie Bird

Pasquale Jones

Legacy Records